Dental Insurance Systems

Topics that will have your referring doctors thanking YOU!

Teresa Duncan...

... promises a value packed, unique, and engaging program for your next referring doctor appreciation event.


This is NOT your ordinary appreciation program...

If you listen in on your colleagues' conversations you would hear similar sentiments. 

Bring knowledge, brainstorming, and inspiration in the form of an Appreciation Gathering to their teams. 

Insurance is driving me crazy! So many rules!

How can YOU help?

Teresa will give them actionable information and make sure you shine in the process. Establish yourself as the office that cares enough to educate and nurture their most valued relationships!  

  • You'll be better able to anticipate changes and be flexible enough to react quickly!
  • Hear why insurance does not have to be the most overpowering department.
  • Let's talk about the most problematic codes and successful narratives for them.

It's a perfect way to say Thank You!

Buckle Up - Insurance Changes Are Coming

The Affordable Care Act, SNO-DDS, Delta, PPOs – every one of these items will impact your office in the immediate future. This frank discussion will help your offices to prepare for industry changes.

No More Headaches - Tips to Manage Your Insurance Process

It is possible to be profitable in today’s insurance environment with efficiency and proper positioning. This interactive workshop will help you to decide your insurance participation and profitability comfort level. If you’ve ever wondered how your office can improve its billing and coding practices then you’ll find the answer in this session. Attendees will be asked to bring their practice reports (list provided as we approach the event date). 

Nobody Told Me That - 5 Ways Insurance Can Surprise You

How can you avoid making the same mistakes? Teresa discusses the most common complaints and tricks she hears from attendees and clients so surprises don’t happen to you!

Network Participation: Is it Working for You?

This interactive workshop will focus on proven techniques to improve your claims payment process. Topics will include writing narratives, identifying effective attachments and simplifying your appeals process. Manage your office's dental insurance system before it handles you!

Let's Talk About Insurance!


Can be offered in  3, 4 and 6 hour formats

Evening, half and full day classes are available

This frequently requested topic will have your referring offices thanking you! 

Engaged workshop attendees holding up their practice reports.

Every Attendee Will Walk Away With:

  • Confidence in handling the insurance process
  • Resources/forms to improve their system
  • Solid insurance conversational skills 
  • An understanding of upcoming industry changes

Who should attend Teresa's courses

All team members who want their practice to be profitable:


Office Managers and Practice Administrators

Insurance Coordinators

Clinical Team Members


'I must say that of all the insurance seminars I've attended in the last 25 yrs or so that her seminar covered most of the "real" office insurance headaches. She was informative and instructive to both "newbies" and us "older" gals. A great presentation!'  - Fay M.

'I tried my best to take notes but my pen just wasn't fast enough. It seemed like everything you delivered was worth remembering and using in part or whole. The value provided by attending with my new front desk staff has already paid off in motivation and a desire to achieve better results. Thanks again for a great course.' – Dr. O'Shea

Praise from past attendees...

"Great start for becoming more attune to the business side. Leaves you thirsting for more details." – Dr. HarSimran Virdee, Monroe, NJ

Common Questions Answered

Insurance is so boring. Can you really make it interesting?

Yes! Feedback is always positive because not only does she use current information, but she also shares other offices’ experiences. Attendees comment often that she has a knack for speaking ‘their language.’ Oh – you’ll laugh too! 

Do you offer courses for only doctors?

Yes. Often doctors want to learn about insurance so that they can assess whether or not their own systems are efficient. An evening meeting is a perfect setting for this topic along with no-hold-barred Q&A. 

Can my attendees receive a copy of Teresa’s book?

Of course! Let us know when you are booking the event and we can give you bulk pricing so every attendee can take home a gift from you. 

Who handles CE?

Specialist clubs or their sponsoring corporate partner usually provides CE. 

Meet Teresa Duncan...

Why am I reaching out to specialists about insurance? I know that it is the most cited pain point in dental offices. 

I also know that specialists are always looking for ways to reach out and revitalize their partnerships with referring doctors. My goal of educating offices on all things insurance fits perfectly with your goal of being a trusted resource. 

Your audiences will walk away knowing you brought them valuable information in a fun way. My promise to you is to educate your referring teams while making sure you and your team are highlighted as the office for their referrals. 

My years of experience as a speaker and industry Key Opinion Leader help me to bring the most current and useful information to help your doctors succeed. 

Let’s talk today and set this in motion!